handcrafted home decor by a homemaker

Two of my greatest passions in life are my children and my home. I love taking care of both. I spend the majority of my time taking care of my girls, but I love hunting for special pieces to fill my home with warmth and character. After creating a couple decor items, I found that one of my favorite textiles to work with was yarn. The endless textures, the rich and cozy colors; simply perfection. My mom is an artist by trade, and after telling her how much I enjoy yarn, she proceeded to tell me that yarn has always been her favorite textile. That's the moment I realized this is exactly what I should be doing. When the idea of creating pieces for others first came to be there was definitely doubt and insecurity, but after hearing what my mother had to say, it all felt right. I was filled with a new found sense of joy and peace. So here I am, creating those special pieces in hopes that they give your home the warmth and character we all crave.

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